"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Shoal Creek Berry Farm

We were able to head up to Enterprise with a few friends to a cute little berry farm. The weather was beautiful and the flowers and farm were lovely! The farmer was so fun with the kids and taught them which berries were ripe enough to pick and he gave them a ride on his tractor. A few us also went to Marv's for lunch after, so yum! It was a perfect morning!

Monday, September 4, 2017

10th Anniversary Trip to Chicago: Monday

We ate breakfast near our hotel at Yolk. And then we tried to be early at Willis/Sears tower to go to the Skydeck. We waited in line for an hour, which was actually less time than we thought it would be! It was really incredible seeing the city from so high! And I was more scared than I thought I was going to be when we stepped on to the glass of the Skydeck! But I'm glad we did it! After, we went to Navy pier again, had lunch, and then boarded the Tall Ship Windy. We sailed out on Lake Michigan to see the skyline, it was really pretty, although cloudy. We got lucky because it didn't start raining until we got off the boat! We then picked up our luggage from our hotel and headed to the airport. Our feet were killing us by then! We walked A LOT the past few days! But that's a good thing because of all the delicious food we ate! We got home at midnight that night! It was so great to hug our kids the next morning!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

10th Anniversary Trip to Chicago: Sunday

On Sunday morning we jumped on the red line and headed to church. It took us a minute to find it until someone came by and showed us it was in the elementary school. I think half of the members there were visitors because of Labor Day. It was a fun experience. When we went back to our hotel to change, we explored all the ballrooms. One room was so pretty, I gasped three times! ;) We headed to eat lunch at Shake Shack, and then to see the bean, and then rented some bikes. We rode along Lake Shore drive to the Field Museum. Steve enjoys museums more than I do, but it was pretty impressive and super gigantic! We rode our bikes around a little more and after returning them we walked around Millennium park and Buckingham fountain. We rode the bus up to the river walk and ate dinner outside just across the river from Trump Tower. It was such a beautiful evening and it felt like the sunset lasted forever and all the buildings were golden. That night we relaxed on the outdoor patio at our hotel.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

10th Anniversary Trip to Chicago: Friday and Saturday

We've been married for 10 years! I can't believe it! We decided to go to Chicago because we've never been and the temperature would be nice a cool. And it works nicely that Labor Day weekend is just a few days after our actual anniversary.

On Friday, Steve had an emergency patient come in which kept him about an hour late. He got home around 2. We took the kids to my parents house and said goodbye. We headed to Vegas and knew we wanted to eat at Earl of Sandwiches before our flight. We love their thanksgiving sandwich. We shopped around a bit because our flight got delayed an hour. We then flew on Southwest and got to Chicago at like 1:00 am. We took an Uber to the Hilton Chicago.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast at Wildberry Pancakes. It was probably our favorite restaurant of the whole trip. So delicious! We then headed to Navy pier to board our architectural river cruise. We loved the river cruise so much! We ate lunch at Giordano's Pizza. We then headed to the Wrigley Field. We watched the Cubs play the Braves. There were a lot of home runs and a grand slam, so fun!! We then took an Uber to the Temple which is pretty far out of town. We walked around and took pictures for about 20 minutes. Then, on our ride back to town, Steve ad I talked to our driver about our church for like 50 minutes! He's starting his pediatric oncology residency soon and recently converted from Muslim to Buddhism! Very neat guy! We ate dinner and had a chocolate cake shake at Portillo's and then walked around the shops at Magnificent Mile.