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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How we met!

In Steve's Words:

June 8th changed my life for the better. I was talking with some friends outside their apartment and I saw Danielle Flake walking from her car to her apartment. I quickly greeted her with a hello and asked her how work was? (I could tell she was coming from the MTC because of her dress and white name tag that said Sister Flake). Soon we were having a conversation and I invited her to play Bocce ball with us. She agreed and headed up to her apartment to change.

Shortly afterwards, we were on a small patch of grass at the Riviera Apartments, where we lived, playing Bocce ball. We flirted innocently as we played and I ended our game with a small side hug. We walked back to my apartment where I asked her to accompany me to Summer Fest later that evening. She agreed. So, later that night we and a group of friends went to Summer Fest.

As we walked the 13 blocks from our car to the park we continued to flirt as she constantly pushed me off the sidewalk. Once we reached the park we played a little football and I quickly found out she could throw a football. To me, this was a big bonus! We still had some time after football until the fireworks so we played some cards. Once the fireworks started she invited me to lay my head on her leg and so I did. Half way through, however, we switched, but instead of laying her head on my leg she nestled into my chest and we began to cuddle. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

After the fireworks we headed back home and continued to talk and flirt. Once we got home she came into my apartment and we watched a movie. Shortly after the movie started we were once again cuddling. ONCE AGAIN NO COMPLAINTS! After the movie we were left alone and we just talked for hours and we found what a great match we are. So that is how my life changed on June 8th. By the way, two weeks later we were engaged and we are getting married on August 25th. I am the luckiest guy in the world.

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