"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Man of My Dreams!

Steve is such a blessing in my life! It all started while trying to decide where to move for spring/summer semester. My sister and I were looking for somewhere to live. I had lived in the Riviera a few summers ago and for some reason I felt like we should go back. Luckily, things worked out so that we moved in to the Riviera the beginning of May. A week or so later, I met Steve in church. I thought he was handsome and was excited to possibly get to know him better. A few weeks went by and we'd see each other here and there and say a passing hello or talk for a few minutes at ward prayer. I was bummed that he wouldn't ask me out! Finally, in the beginning of June he did!!! As I was walking up to my apartment after work at the MTC, he stopped me and invited me to play bocce ball with him and his friends. I did not hesitate to say yes! He also ended up inviting me to see the fireworks at the Summer Fest in Orem that night. Then he wanted me to watch a movie with him too! We had so much fun and it was easy for us to see that this could be eternal!!! From that day we have spent every spare minute together!

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