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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Proposal

Steve is so creative! And he’s sneaky! Steve and I had picked out a ring a week or so before the proposal. Steve knew he wanted to surprise me so he made up a story that the ring wouldn’t be ready until after we were back in town from my family reunion. He programmed he brother’s phone number in his cell phone to say Rocky Mountain Diamond. He had his brother call him when he knew we’d be together. He showed me the call-id when it was ringing and, sure enough, it said Rocky Mountain Diamond. He took the call and was sad to report that the ring was locked in the appraisal guy’s office while he was away on vacation, or something silly like that! Little did I know, Steve already had the ring.

So, on Thursday, June 28, he woke me up at 5am to take me up the canyon. He proposed to me during a beautiful sunrise! All his family helped him prepare a candle lit sunrise breakfast. There was also a slide show playing of our pictures and a beautiful poem Steve wrote for me! There were roses and a beautiful breakfast including a cinnamon bun, fruit parfait, and orange juice. We pulled up to the Rock Canyon overlook (30 min from Provo) and I saw Kim and Ashley (Steve’s brother and sister-in-law) dressed up setting up the breakfast. Immediately, I knew Steve had the ring! Steve and I sat at the table and watched the cute slide show of us. Then he stood next to me and read the poem he wrote for me. Then he had me stand up with him (oh my, I was excited!) and he told me a lot of nice things and then he got on one knee!!! He asked me to marry him and I said YES!!! He gave me my beautiful ring. I was in shock this whole time not knowing if this was real or if it was a dream. What a beautiful sunrise! I am so excited for eternity with Steve!


Dave & Natasha said...

Yeah, I am so glad you finally figured this out and have put some new pics on here! I looked at your wedding photos link, I hadn't seen the cake pics, they look so good! Your photographer did a really good job! So guess what, I think Dave and I are going to go to school. Dave wants to go into Radiology, and I think since I already almost have my AS I am going to do the same field as him and become a Radiology Tech and work while he goes through school. It is scary, but it will be so worth it. Have you guys found out where you might move for Steve to go to Med School yet? Hope he gets some options and you can choose whatever you want!

Dave & Natasha said...

Hey silly girl, Danette's last name is McLane! :)