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Friday, February 29, 2008

My Steve!

**I stole this fun husband questionnaire deal from my friends blog! Enjoy!**

What is his name? Stephen Michael Jackson

How long have you been married? Six months and four days.

Who long did you date? 2 ½ weeks before the proposal!!

How old is he? 25
How old are you? 23

Who eats more sweets? Absolutely I do. I think he’s crazy!!

Who said “I love you” first? Steve did! We were at Ensign Peak in Salt Lake and he just held me close and told me that he loved me!

Who is taller? Steve

Who can sing better? It might be a tie?? Steve loves singing to me though, and I love him singing to me!

Who is smarter? Well, lets just say Steve has received one A-‘s his entire life!! He’s Brilliant!

Who does the laundry? Usually he starts it, and I finish.

Who does the dishes? Steve is awesome! He washes, I rinse!

Who pays the bills? I do mostly.

His guilty pleasures? He loves cashews! And all other nuts!Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you’re looking at the bed, I do.

Besides you, who is his best friend? I would say Brett Stewart, Brett is Steve’s first memory, from when they were like 2. They grew up together!

Who cooks dinner? I do. Steve jumps in usually on Tuesdays when I’m done with school at 5:15 and then have to go to an MTC meeting at 6:00.

Who drives? We rotate. He’s good to drive a greater distance when we drive to St. George.

Who is more stubborn? Um… good question, he’s really stubborn with money ;) but that’s about it.

Who kissed who first? Basically I put the moves on him!

Who asked who out first? Steve asked me.

What was your first date? First he invited me to play Bocce ball with him one afternoon. I guess he got interested in me and my mad bocce ball skills and he invited me to the Orem Summer Fest fireworks that night. Then he asked me out to breakfast at Kneaders the next morning… He couldn’t get enough of me (what can I say, Fireworks!!), we never left each other’s side (except to sleep of course!) and here we are today.

Who proposed? Steve did! June 28th! Up Rock Canyon overlooking Provo at Sunrise! It was so beautiful!

Who has more siblings? We both have three.

Who wears the pants? Well, we share the pants I guess ;)

What is your favorite thing about him? Wow, where to start… He is so loving and loyal. He is wonderfully consistent and steadfast! Mostly I love that our personalities match so well and that he’s incredibly easy to get along with!

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Jon & Gina said...

This is really cute, you are both great!