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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pornography Destroys Life

Yesterday I went to an awesome lecture by John Harmer. He is a church member and former lieutenant governor of California. He discussed his 40 years of experience fighting the pornography industry. He spoke on his new fMRI studies that show how viewing pornography adversely affects the brain and distorts cognitive and moral functioning. It was increadable. Pornography is so absolutely horrible!

Something he brought up that was disturbing to me is that the people that it hurts the worst are those who think that it won't or can't effect them. People who think that they're above it will be self-decieved until they are "past all feeling."

He shared too many stories where strong and inflential people's lives were completely destroyed. People who are now finishing their lives in prison. He actually spoke at the Utah State Prison to the sex offenders and when he was done they began standing and confessing that they never thought it could effect them. They were all decieved.

He taught that you cannot overcome it alone, that you must recognize your problem, go to the Lord, and then go to the bishop and ask to be referred to a therapist.

Avoid pornography like it is the most aweful deadly poison, because that is exactly what it is!!! But it doesn't just kill your spirit, it makes your life absoletely miserable, just what satan wants!

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