"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Memories about forgiveness

I am a person who rarely takes offense. In fact I only remember one time, actually on my mission, where I was offended. Through the atonement I learned the blessing and great power of forgiveness.

On the flipside, I learned again about forgiveness when my husband had to forgive me. Steve and I traveled to Kentucky in October of 2007 so he could go to two dental school interviews. The night before his interview at the University of Kentucky we planned when we would wake up and leave the hotel to be on time for the interview at 8am. We left when we had planned, but unfortunately I read the map backward and made us take a big wrong turn. We started heading away from the School! We realized this when we started getting more into the country when we knew we should be getting into down town. We had to travel several miles until there was an exit to get back on the freeway the opposite direction.

I was very impressed at how Steve handled the situation. He was visibly upset and frustrated. However, he did not say anything mean to me. He was just quiet for a while to gain composure. All the while I was feeling distraught! I felt absolutely awful that Steve might possibly be late for one of the most important interviews of his life!! I kept saying sorry as I was able to follow the map correctly and we made it to the dental school. Before he got out of the car he assured me that he had forgiven me and he calmed himself. He was two or three minutes late into the interview… I was feeling so bad.

Luckily, the interview went extremely well and the interviewers couldn’t say enough great things about his application and interview. To Steve’s delight, and certainly mine, he was accepted actually to both Kentucky dental schools. We actually aren’t going to be attending school there after all but I am so grateful for what I learned about forgiveness that trip. I’m also grateful for what a valiant and honorable husband that I have who is willing to see past my faults and just love me!


The Squires said...

Danielle- I love your new page. Lets get together soon

Danette said...

so, this is random. I was blog stalking :) I was the beehive advisor in our Tomball Ward right before Emily Jones (one of your blogging friends) left for college. What a small world eh?

Dave & Natasha said...

Hey, you should definitely give me a call when you come down! You'll have to come see our place! Talk to ya soon!