"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Monday, March 3, 2008


Steve definitely gave me a scare Saturday! It is amazing how much more you love and appreciate someone when you fear for their life!

Steve got a bad migraine; the scary thing was that we weren't sure what it was. Steve hadn’t had a migraine in the past four years! At 9:00am it started out that he got really dizzy and noticed a hole in his vision. He had a slight headache and I got him some pills. We then took a trip in to town and all of the sudden, on the way to Home Depot it got really bad. He was very nauseated and his head started killing him. We hurried home and I helped him out of the car and he could barely walk back into the house! I was so scared! I laid him on the bed and we tried to assess what was going on. We figured it was a migraine but then his left arm started going numb, and then his face, and finally both legs went numb. His hands and feet were very cold. Then, the scariest part was that he started shaking involuntarily, like he was shivering. The shiver would only last for a second but kept coming back.

I started calling doctors we knew and they suggested we go to the hospital. We had also called Steve’s dad and brother to come give him a blessing. We were getting really scared though and decided to try getting to the ER. I tried getting Steve to the front door, but his legs were to numb and we couldn’t make it. I was in tears being so scared! Luckily, his dad and brother came, and with their blessing on Steve I gratefully became very calm. I put my trust in the Lord that everything would be ok. I felt peace.

Steve’s dad and brother were able to get Steve to the car and we made it to the ER around 11:30am. Right away they started checking him for a stroke because his symptoms were very stroke-like. He also had a CAT scan. In the end Steve’s brain was found normal and he was diagnosed with an atypical migraine with stroke-like symptoms. We were back at home around 3:00pm. He had a bad headache the rest of the night but was able to rest. I am so grateful that he is ok!!

I am so grateful for Steve’s family to help me take care of him! We are blessed that his father and brothers hold the priesthood and could bless Steve. I am grateful for my mother who gave me emotional support! We also had doctor friends who even came to the hospital to offer help. This crisis helped me truly appreciate all that I have! The Lord has the bigger picture in mind, even if we don’t see it.


Dave & Natasha said...

Wow! I hope that doesn't happen again! I would be so scared too! I hope he is feeling better today! I'm sure you'll take good care of him!

Jon & Gina said...

Wow, that is really scary. Poor Steve. I hate hate hate migraines and I couldn't imagine having one like that.
I'm glad you had help, let us know if you ever need anything.