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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love Brady and Jordy!

My cutest ever nephew and niece!

And the handsome Uncle Steve!


Dave & Natasha said...

You asked about changing your background... I don't know where you got your background from, but here's what I always do to change mine. I use my friend's backgrounds, which have never messed up my pages. You have to change the background to "minima" by going into "pick new template." Then go to where it says background-image:url(....) and delete what's in between the ( ). Go to http://cutestblogontheblock.blogspot.com/ and find a new code and put it between the ( ). And that's it! Then if you need to you can go back into the "fonts and colors" and change those if you need to. You may also need to change the side bar color by going back into the html and changing that code. If you need to know more about that let me know. Hope that helps! I just always use Ashley's backgrounds because she's always making new ones and I know they aren't going to mess up the page elements. I know a lot of people have lost stuff when they change them through other programs, so I just have used Ashely's blog backgrounds.

The Squires said...

Danielle! I hardly recognized your blog with a new background and pictures of kids. We are going to St.George this weekend, are you and Steve?? Hey, last time I was at the gym I picked up a book and it turns out they have lots of free cycling and kick-boxing and aerobic classes, we should go! What evenings do you have free?