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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Camping Diamond Fork!

Steve writing: This weekend we went up to Diamond Fork and camped for the first time this season. It was really nice and warm and we had a blast. We took a ton of stuff (a huge two room tent, tarp, camping chairs, blankets, food, clothes, games, etc), so we thought we were prepared. However, we were not. It was freaking freezin' at night and we quickly realized that we didn't bring enough blankets. Just to stay warm we were hudled as close together as we could get and bunched up in a ball to try an use our own body heat. Danielle's feet were colder than I have ever felt, so naturally I had to warm them up. In the process however, I just got more cold. Anyway, besides that it was a lot of fun! We didn't get to do all the fun things we wanted to up the canyon, but we will go back soon.

Here are the rest of our photos!!


Jon & Gina said...

You got some great pics, I really like the one of steve in the air.
So much fun, thanks for letting us share your tent!

Cami and Mitch said...

looks like fun! i can't believe steve made a blog post

Dave & Natasha said...

I was going to say that I was jealous because I want to go camping, although I don't think it would be a good idea for us this year... but then I read how cold it was, and I'm not so jealous of that part! Other than being cold, it looks like fun!

Nathan Zacharias said...

Ahh lucky, I haven't been camping yet this year and I really want to. Where's Diamond Fork?

Mike said...

Well. . . nice. . in the picture with me, I'm holding a hot dog. . . Am I always eating? haha!

This was a fun camp trip. . . remember how hard it was to get Jess to jump acrossed the tiny creek?