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Monday, August 25, 2008


Steve is back-to-school! For four years! My mom always used to take our pictures on our first day of school in front of our house. I wanted to continue that tradition :)
Steve looks so cute with his backpack! I will miss him being gone so often again. At least I'll get some work done between 8 and 5 and I can get some online classes done too I hope.


Alisha said...

How cute! I hope you reminded Steve to play nice with the other kids too! : )

Cami and Mitch said...

love steve's outfit :)go cougars!

Gina and Jon said...

Happy First Day ... Good Luck!

THE COOKS said...

I like that tradition...my mom did the same thing and took pictures in front of the house when we started a new grade.. Good luck Steve!! Michael is back to school as well, so more homework and less fun I guess, but it's all worth it the end! : ) We miss you both!