"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We made it to Portland!

We made the 12 hour drive Tuesday! I got a job managing a complex Wednesday and we moved in the same day. It is a one bedroom apartment in NW Portland. It is pretty much downtown. This will definitely be a new experience for us! We get free rent plus a good amount of salary on top of that. We don't have to pay utilities or for the parking garage! The cool thing is that when we need more space or anything, we can move whenever there is an opening for a manager somewhere else within the same company. I can tell my boss is really nice. We have been blessed! We live 3 blocks from a Fred Meyers and there are shops and restaurants all around us close. We are only 3 miles from campus and we can save a ton of money as I will just drive Steve to dental school. We miss you all though! Come visit!


Meinhart family said...

Have fun in Portland, Oregon! One of my bff lives there and I'm waiting for Chris to have a few consecutive days off (ha, ha!) so he can take care of our cute kiddos while I enjoy some girl time. I would love to see you and meet your hubby...I'll keep you posted.

britt said...

How fun!! Change is really good sometimes and it sounds like you guys were really blessed with a great set up. Best wishes with work and school.

Gina said...

Sounds like you got the hook up! That is super nice, what a relief. It's nice how things just work out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle! Sally Beesley here, and only about 2 & 1/2 hours away. We have a great place with 2 guest bedrooms and you are both definitely invited down for a free weekend get away. We're out in the sticks on 4.5 acres. Bro. Bees built a disc golf course on it, there's a hot tub & we have a couple of 4 wheelers. I'm trying to entice you down because I love having visitors.

Tucker and Pat are living in Beaverton, maybe 20 minutes from you.

Send me some contact info. and I'll give you a call next time we're in Portland. It would be fun to see you.