"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Sunday, September 28, 2008

5 Places before I die!

I am facinated by the world and would love to travel all of it. Here are 5 places I really want to go in no specific order
1. Jerusalem

2. Switzerland (and all of Europe!)

3. Sydney Austrailia (and New Zealand)

4. Vancouver Canada

5. Tahiti

I tag anyone ;)


kaila sue said...

AMEN to that! Those picture are awesome! Good choices! I should probably come with you though, to, you know, protect you and stuff!

Megan said...

Good ones. When we have dentist husbands we can all tavel together!

Dan Flake Family said...

I am with you too! I had my students in class make a list of fifteen items for their "Bucket List." It was fun to see what they wanted to do and see. If you make it a goal and work toward it--it will happen! MOM