"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last night we almost died!!

First of all, Portland got snow Sunday and it's colder here than it has been maybe in the last decade. Church was cancelled Sunday and most schools were closed Monday because of road conditions, including OHSU. Steve was kinda bummed because they were having finals and now they'll have to be rescheduled at probably an inopportune time. So, now you know that the roads were bad.

We were taking dinner to the missionaries because they were snowed in. So we were following the directions of google maps in SW Portland. We made a left turn and were all the sudden going down a steep hill that was all snowy and icy!! We were going pretty slow but we just kinda slid into the curb on the right hand side. Some nice people with a Subaru pulled over and helped us back up off the curb.

Luckily there was a intersection so we could turn right instead of continuing down the rest of the really big ice hill. So we started heading on that street but two blocks down there was another hill that was even longer and steeper. We reversed and decided to try driving up the hill we slid down. Unfortunately our lovely two-wheel drive Galant could only get about 10 feet up the hill before spinning out and twisting us around.

We parked back on the only level street that was only two blocks long! We were trapped! We decided to scout out if there was a way back down the original scary hill. The scariest part of going down is that the intersection at the bottom was Beaverton-Hillsdale which is a much busier street. Luckily with the snow there wasn't quite as many drivers out. So we prayed and decided to try to go very slow down the hill and hope that we didn't go into the ditch on the right hand side or hit the cars parked on the left. In my mind I was afraid we would just end up sledding down the hill with no control! We prayed some more and trusted we'd be OK.

As we were walking back to the car the thought came to my mind that I should stay back down at the bottom of the hill and be ready to jump out in front of traffic if Steve wasn't able to stop at the stop sign. So I stayed down and Steve climbed the hill back to the car. Steve started down the hill in the car very slowly. He made it about half way down with control and the ability to stop. When there was about 100 feet left I watched as the car suddenly started sliding and Steve was helpless.

I was so scared but I remembered to check out traffic at the intersection that Steve was about to slide into and saw a couple cars coming from the left. I jumped out and waved my arms like a maniac so they would stop (Who knows what they were thinking!), luckily they were far enough back to stop on the snowy road just fine. Two seconds later Steve slid past the stop sign, into the two west bound lanes, and came to a stop just before entering the east bound traffic lanes! I ran and jumped in the car and we eventually made it to the missionaries! We are happy to be alive and also confident that we will avoid the ice/hill combo at all costs!


Tricia said...

Scary!!! The first time I was in Portland they had freezing rain. I'm glad the two (or should I say three!) of you are ok!

The Cooks said...

Thats so crazy!! I'm glad you guys survived! Icy roads scare me so much... I can't imagine dealing with ice and hills!! Good job to both of you for getting out of that sticky situation. : )

Andrea said...

Scary!! Glad you are okay. I slid down a hill by the conference center last year - and crashed into the parked car down below. You guys are lucky and good you were listening and trying to be safe!

Cami and Mitch said...

Scary! You guys are crazy trying to go driving at night when the roads are that bad. You need to stay at home with your baby when its icy! :)

Ashley said...

Um...that story almost put me in labor! Whew. What a blessing that no one got hurt. Thank goodness you both are so close to the spirit and that you happened to be on the Lord's errand! Thanks for not dying! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

kaila sue said...

that was a scary story! i totally agree on avoiding the ice/hill combo! good thing you jumped out!