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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Waiting Game

So... we're just waiting! I think I have everything ready as much as I can. I can't find much else to organize. I'm also working through Wednesday so I don't get bored.

My mom is coming Thursday morning! I haven't been too anxious to have Alexa yet before my mom comes. It will be great when my mom gets here and I'm hoping Alexa will come soon thereafter.

The other day we visited the International Rose Test Garden. It was amazing! So many colors! It was a little drizzly out but that made it kinda fun! Thanks Megan for the pics!


Dan Flake Family said...

Fun pictures! I would like to go see this while we are up there. It is fun to see just two days on your count down to delivery widget. The boys are going to try and drive up this weekend after they do the Wasatch Back race since they will finish in Park City or Heber. Then Dad will pick them up and head up to Portland. So they are working hard to finish up their work this summer. Dad also got the CA job so he'll do that in North CA in July.

Danette said...

That looks like such a pretty place!! I hope this little girl of yours comes soon, I can't wait to see pictures!

Mica said...

You guys look so cute! Good luck with everything! Hope you get to meet that baby girl soon! :)

Kyle & Melanie Kropf said...

What pretty photos!! I wish there were more beautiful outdoor places here in Vegas! Good luck with Alexa's arrival! I bet you are so anxious for her to finally come into the world! You're going to be an amazing mother!! :)

Brittny said...

I can not believe you are already due! you are still tiny! I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant:) good luck! hopefully she comes soon... I love the pics!