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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Life as a mother has been great so far!! I absolutely love my little Alexa! She is so special to me and I know how precious she is to her Father in Heaven. I just wanted to list a few things that I'm especially grateful for at this time. (These are in no particular order because blogger wouldn't let me arrange them right.)

Air Conditioning... 106 degrees in Portland isn't quite as bad when you have one of these bad boys. It doesn't cool the whole place off but just a little bit helps!

Bath time... Alexa really loves her baths! I love watching her smile and enjoy the warm bathwater.

The changing table... this is one thing I have spent a lot more time with than I would have expected! Babies sure know how to fill a diaper often! Luckily, Alexa likes to be changed. She almost always smiles as soon as that dry diaper is on her cute little bum!

My Husband... Steve is an awesome father! I can really see how much he loves this little one. He has been extremely busy with dental school but as soon as he gets home he's willing and happy to hang out with Alexa to give me a little break. My favorite thing is when he's holding her and he just starts laughing because of a cute face that Alexa pulls on him! He's also really great at changing diapers and burping Alexa. He is such a great support to me and I love him very much!

My mom... She was so great to spend time with me for our new arrival. She was able to be here for the week that I was overdue and for a few days after Alexa was born. She came to Portland again a couple weeks later to help more. It was awesome having her here!

My mother-in-law... Steve's mom Ruth was so kind to come help for a week as well! It was great timing because I was starting my job again. I was able to get caught up on a lot! It was fun to see her and for her to meet Alexa!

The park... It is so awesome having the park blocks just outside our complex! Alexa calms right down when we take her outside and falls asleep quickly!

The swaddle blanket by 'The First Years' brand... These little blankets are amazing! They Velcro to keep her in tight and they're a light fabric so they aren't too hot in this crazy heat. Alexa sleeps a thousand times better when she is swaddled. Otherwise her little arms and legs flail around and she wakes herself up. Since her first week, Alexa has had at least a five hour stretch of sleep each night.

The baby carrier... this has been a life saver now that I'm working again. I'm the apartment manager so I often have to meet people downstairs and show the apartments and other things. I just strap Alexa in and she falls asleep within a few minutes. I am able to do just about anything with her in there. This is great because she doesn't like to just sit in her car seat or anywhere for too long without getting fussy.

Exercise ball... Thanks to a tip from my sister-in-law we are able to stop Alexa's cries almost any time. As soon as Steve or I bounce with Alexa on this big ball, she stops crying and just chills happily. I also can get paper work done or work on the computer when I put Alexa in the baby carrier and bounce on the ball in front of the desk. It works out very well!
So thankful to be a mom!!


Tyler and Megan said...

I love thankful lists. You are such a sweet mom with a sweet baby. We are so glad to have her here!

Dave and Natasha said...

We also had to use a yoga ball with Aaralyn!

She's such a doll! You guys need to come down sometime so I can see her! ;)

kaila sue said...

It sounds like its going great! She is so cute!

Tara said...

So many things to be thankful for! Being a mom is definitely at the top of my list! Little ones are such a blessing.

Ashley said...

Oh, I can never say it enough...just miss you guys! You are such a great little momma and I am so glad that Steve is the person that he is. There is something really magical about those exercise balls! we still use ours everyday!