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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Have a 2 Month Old Baby Girl!

Alexa is two months old! She had her doctors apt. yesterday and got some shots. Luckily the shots really haven't bothered her at all.


Weight 13lbs 2.8oz = 97%
Length 22.2" = 50%

We love our chubby baby!

*She likes her swing now and falls asleep in it!
*She recognizes mommy and daddy and smiles at us a lot
*We can distract her with toys now
*She really likes her monkey mat and little stuffed kitty cat
*She sleeps well at night usually only waking once around 4
*She still likes to be bounced on the yoga ball
*She is doing better in her car seat on drives when she has a toy to swat at

It's amazing how fast she grows and learns!
We love our little one!


Tara said...

Awww... I love the picture of her sleeping in her swing! That's so good that she will fall asleep in it now. It will be fun to see how much she has changed when we get back together. Tyler says her neck rolls make her look like Steve... haha

Tyler and Megan said...

What a doll. She is so much fun! I'm excited to play mommy tonight! : )

Cami and Mitch said...

So cute. Are you still blessing her in Provo for labor day?

Dave and Natasha said...

Cute! This age is such a fun one! Sometimes I wish I could go back!

Ashley said...

Brady is sitting here with me "talking" to little Alexa in the swing. Wish I could somehow send it to you 'cause it's pretty hilarious. We can't wait to meet her next week!! BTW-so GREAT that she takes her shots like a champ!