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Friday, September 11, 2009

Alexa's Blessing

We had a great trip to Utah last week! Steve is on a six-week break and we decided to head to Utah to have Alexa's blessing so we could have all the family there. Alexa did awesome on the plane both ways! Saturday, Steve got to watch the BYU vs Oklahoma game with his brothers and dad and Alexa and I went with my parents to Payson to watch my brothers and cousins wrestle pigs in the mud! We were also able to catch the last quarter of the BYU game! Go Cougs!
Sunday, Alexa was blessed by Steve in his home Orem ward. I'm grateful for his Priesthood and the wonderful gift of a little girl! Alexa wore the dress that I wore when I was blessed! We had a nice picnic in the park afterward.
Monday, Labor Day, Steve golfed with his brothers and dad and Alexa and I drove the Alpine Loop and hiked Cascade Springs with my parents and brothers. It was a beautiful day!
Tuesday and Wednesday we got to hang out with all the Jackson fam playing games and the Wii. We had tons of fun and I'm glad Alexa finally got to meet her little cousins and other relatives! Thanks for such a great time everyone!


Danette said...

She is so adorable and really gets into her smile!

Dan Flake Family said...

Yes, she has an adorable smile. I'm glad that she likes me! It will be awefull if she forgets me between visits. Thanks for making the trip to see all of us.

Cami and Mitch said...

I am so glad that we got to see you guys. Wish it was longer, but maybe during the holidays. When we figure out what we are doing I will let you know. And Alexa looks so cute in that blessing dress!