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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

four months

This past month went so fast! Alexa is now 4 Months Old as of the 27th! These pictures were a couple of days ago on our walk. The leaves are really beautiful! Alexa looked so cute all bundled up! It was pretty cold outside!

She had her doctors appointment today.

Alexa's 4 Month Stats:

Weight: 16lbs 7.5oz, 95th percentile
Height: 24 inches, 50th percentile
Head: 42.5 cm, 90th percentile

She is a great baby! She's very smiley and giggly. She's getting more of a personality and makes us laugh all the time! She has found a new octave! A very high one. She does these random squeals when she's being goofy, it's so loud! She likes to watch me cook while she sits in the Bumbo. She still wakes up once in the middle of the night. Usually she goes to bed at 8ish and wakes up around 8 with one feeding somewhere in the middle. She'll then have a nap at 9 and 11 and at least once more in the afternoon. She smiles big and is so happy when daddy gets home from school. We have so much fun with her!


Cami and Mitch said...

so cute. Cooper had his Dr. Appt Tuesday. I am afraid he is going to be a petite boy!

Ashley said...

What a sweetie pie! She is definately growing up!