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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy 27th Steve!

I love you!

1. He's 27 today
2. He was born in 1983
3. He served an LDS mission in Saint Louis
4. He's in dental school at OHSU in Portland
5. He’s an awesome father
6. He wants to be an orthodontist
7. He played basketball, football, and baseball in high school
8. He was valedictorian in high school
9. He was valedictorian at BYU
10. He has four nieces and one nephew
11. He drove a truck in high school
12. He is the third of four boys in his family
13. He loves watching sports
14. He loves his parents
15. He loves to play golf
16. He has a 7 ½ month old baby girl
17. His daughter LOVES him
18. He can get along with anyone
19. He can grow a beard in 1.5 days
20. He has brown hair
21. He has green/hazel eyes
22. He graduated high school in 2001
23. He’s smart
24. He was a bald baby
25. He avoids conflict
26. He was accepted to multiple dental schools
27. He likes a variety of music, country the best
28. Has never been snowboarding
29. His favorite color is blue
30. He was punched by a gang member
31. He likes the Jazz
32. He has 0 sisters
33. He loves to eat Chicken Parmesan
34. He loves cheesecake
35. He’s super nice
36. He has broken his nose at least 5 times, maybe more
37. He loves watching ‘The Office’ and lately ‘Modern Family’
38. He got a new driver for his birthday
39. He likes action movies
40. He’s very competitive
41. He has been in a bishopric
42. His current intramural basketball team wins every term
43. He and 3 of his roommates got married within 3 months
44. He went to Mountain View High in Orem
45. He’s strong
46. He wears scrubs every day
47. He was born in Provo
48. He’s an Eagle Scout
49. He was an AP on his mission
50. He’s a Duke basketball fan
51. He’s handsome
52. He loves mandarin oranges
53. He loves cashews even more
54. He was allergic to nuts for seven years, before 3 years ago
55. He’s 5’11”
56. He has an incredible memory
57. He dislikes shopping very much
58. He likes to wear sweats and a t-shirt
59. He changes diapers
60. He would rather save money than spend it
61. He never wore braces
62. He flosses every night
63. He asked me to marry him after dating for two weeks
64. He looks good in gray
65. He worked at the MTC for three years
66. He has two brothers-in law and three sisters-in-law
67. He had a pool growing up
68. He loved ‘Transformers’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’
69. He likes to sing in the shower
70. He loves to play steam roller with Alexa
71. He proposed to me on top of a mountain at sunrise
72. He is the Sunday School president
73. He is not an animal person
74. He’s easy going
75. He loves Christmas
76. He enjoys Frisbee golf
77. He has great friends
78. He’s an amazing scriptorian
79. He’s a cougar fan
80.He’s loving
81. He wears contacts, just barely needs them
82. He loves march madness
83. He takes out the garbage
84. He rarely drinks soda
85. He loves playing board games
86. He’s supportive
87. He likes to play ‘Hearts’ on the computer
88.He has never raised his voice to me
89. He loves Oreos, double stuf
90. He's clean
91. He likes to relax and watch a show with Alexa when he gets home
92. His middle name is Michael
93. He drinks skim milk
94. He loves birthdays
95. He’s very frugal
96. He gives massages
97. He doesn’t procrastinate
98. He’s great with children
99. He puts up with me
100. He’s the best husband and friend in the world! Happy Birthday Steve!
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Tyler and Megan said...

Happy Birthday Steve! We are grateful to have such a wonderful friend. :)

Malorie said...

Here's what I want to know. If he can grow (I'm assuming you mean) a beard in 1.5 days, why the heck does he shave? I'm sure Jon would love a beard friend.

Gina and Jon said...

oh my heck Happy Birthday sorry I forgot to call! Steve really is the best friend anyone could ask for! WE Love ya!

Ashley said...


loves and slobbers,

Bubba and Marinnders

kaila sue said...


Dan Flake Family said...

Wow! Steve is one amazing guy! Thanks for taking such good care of Danielle and Alexa. We are all very blessed to have you in our family. Happy Birthday and we love you!