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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walking and Riding

We got Alexa a baby walker/stroller for an early birthday present. She loves pushing around her baby doll (not pictured). She says 'baby' and gives her hugs and kisses. Alexa surprised us Monday and took her first few steps. She took three or four steps throughout the day. She's not quite brave enough to do more yet. It's super cute to watch her try though!

We also have been giving her rides on this tricycle thing. She loves it. She's just barely big enough for it.

Also, I got a bike after some coaxing from my dad so that I could get into shape to go mountain biking with the family without dying. I got a seat for Alexa to go on the bike. She looked so cute in the helmet! She was so sleepy, as you can see in the picture, she fell right asleep on our ride! Maybe next time she'll get to enjoy it some more.


kaila sue said...

that helmet is so adorable!

The Cooks said...

that is so cute that she fell asleep. she has SUCH blue eyes. Soo cute!!