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Friday, July 16, 2010

Walking and Talking

My sister and new brother-in-law came to visit for a couple of days! They will be moving to Philadelphia in a couple weeks and we will miss them!


Alexa is a pro walker now. She can stand up without pulling herself up on something. She can bend over and pick something up and keep on walking. It's so fun to watch her, I feel like she's so grown up now.

She now knows how to tell me when she needs a diaper change. She looks at me and says "pee pee", she'll usually only tell me when she's pooped.

She knows how to turn the TV on and my computer off

She holds up our cell phones to her ear and says "hi" repeatedly, sometimes she also says "grandpa?"

New words this week are tickle tickle, toes, pee pee, and fan

oh! she has a molar, I'm not sure when that popped out?! So she has 8 teeth.

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Molly M said...

I think I told you I was shocked when I saw Addy walking with halls and a little cute blondie keeping up without a problem 2 weeks ago at church! It was Alexa! She is freakin CUTE! Love to hear her talk!