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Monday, August 2, 2010

Thirteen Months

I was debating if I was going to keep doing monthly updates. But then it came down to "why not?"
She really is listening... Yesterday at church I was showing Alexa some pictures of Jesus in this little photo book I put together for her. I pointed and said "Jesus." She didn't ever repeat it. But today, I was sitting here on the computer, desperately trying to will myself to write a paper for my online class, and I heard her say "Jesus." I turned to look at her and she had gotten the photo book out of my bag and was pointing to the picture I showed her at church. So sweet.

She turned 13 months on July 27.
*She has two molars now on top, so 9 teeth
*She makes friends everywhere we go
*She cries when Steve leaves for school in the morning
*When Steve or I play dead, she kisses us to wake us up
*She loves to tickle our toes while saying 'tickle tickle'
*Her favorite words are 'Hi' and 'Car' right now
*She's loving animals, she watches this short DVD about farm animals and loves it, she makes animal noises and waves at them

On July 31 we went to the Fair and Alexa got to see more farm animals. The weather was beautiful and we actually enjoyed it.

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