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Monday, September 27, 2010

15 Months


after, a little less 'mullety' I hope

Weight: 21 lb 15.7 oz, 35%
Height: 30", 35%

*Doubled her words since last month, finally says "mom," if I didn't mention that before. I love it!
*Loves her belly button, buttons on clothing, and elevator buttons. However she say's "butt" for button, so sometimes in church or in public places she'll just start saying "butt, butt, butt". We need to work on more syllables for her!
*I gave her her first hair cut a few days ago. I just cut a tiny bit in back and a few stray bangs. I was hoping to get away from the mullet look, although she was super cute with a mullet anyway.
*Brings books up to us to read to her all of the time, most often lately it has been "Beauty and the Beast."
*Got a few scrapes in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully she has learned to slow down while running on concrete.
*Loves when be blow bubbles for her and tries to catch them in her mouth
*Closes her eyes for a few seconds during a prayer
*She has a doctor appointment on Wednesday, so I'll update her weight, etc then.
*12 teeth, 4 molars and 8 in front
*She gives the most loving hugs and kisses! I can't get enough!

We sure love her! Alexa and I will miss daddy being home all day now that he's back at school for Fall term.


Kristin said...

Alexa is absolutely gorgeous! Good job on her hair cut! I can't believe how big she's gotten. It looks like Hawaii was AWESOME!!! The pictures you took are just amazing! Hope you guys are doing well up in Oregon and with school.

Dan Flake Family said...

Great haircut! Can't believe her hair is still sooo blond! She is a little smarty pants and we love her so much!

Ashley said...

Give her some loves from us!!

kaila sue said...

Her little bob is so cute! I wish we lived closer so we could play with her! (and you and steve!)