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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Google Reader Goody

In case you don't know about the "next" button to use with reader, I will fill you in. It makes following and reading blogs much easier! The "next" button allows you to brows the blogs you follow by taking you to the actual blog page instead of just scrolling down on Reader. This means you can actually comment on blogs without having to click a bunch of extra times. 

Here is how you get it:

When in reader click on >settings >reader settings >goodies. Then scroll down and drag the link to your bookmark bar. 

That's it! I hope this enhances your blog reading experience!


from Reader Goodies:

Put Reader in a bookmark

The next bookmark is an innovative way to read your subscriptions. It allows you to use Google Reader through just one link - clicking on it takes you to the next unread item, marking it as read in the process. It is particularly useful for subscriptions which only include snippets or when you want to read an article in context.
To use the next bookmark, simply drag the link below to your bookmark bar.
  <-- drag this to your bookmarks bar
You can also create a next bookmark for a specific tag. To do so, select a tag below and drag the resulting link to your bookmark bar.

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