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Saturday, November 27, 2010

17 Months

*When I go to put her to sleep in her crib, she says "bye bye" to everything she sees on the way to her room. Like, "bye shoes, bye books, bye Jesus (picture on the wall), bye toys"
*She's attached to her blanket, she doesn't like to get out of her crib without taking her blanket with her
*She loves her toothbrush, I think she mostly likes to chew on it when she's teething
*She has 16 teeth, only the 4 back molars left
*For the last few weeks she is sleeping 7pm to 8am with one morning nap around 11am that lasts about 90mins. She'll occasionally have an afternoon nap.
*She really likes to sit on big people chairs, the problem is that she sounds like she saying the 's' word when she says sit, haha, we're working on it!
*She is still wearing a lot of 12 month size clothing, some 18 month size
*She is learning the names of a lot of our friends and family
*She likes to get people's attention and perform dance moves, songs, and animal noises
She is great entertainment and we love her for it!

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Ashley said...

I have to laugh at the similarities between Alexa and Marinn :-loves her "brush" her teeth-is attatched to one very gross blankie- says "nigh-nigh" to everything in her room...oooohhh I can't wait!