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Monday, November 15, 2010


 off to Church
 busy working with dad
 she puts our shoes on all day long and walks around
 a little too big
 pig tails

 talking to grandpa and grandma
hangin' out with "ah-yee" (Addy)

Alexa has been so funny lately. She loves copying what anyone else is doing. 
She loves doing what big people do like sitting on big chairs, wearing big shoes, wearing a watch, etc.
She is really into kissing anything she loves. She kisses animals in her books all of the time. She sends "air-kisses" across a room if she sees someone or something she likes.
Alexa and I can have a conversation together! She knows how to ask for what she wants and if I ask her a question she'll say yes or no. 
She can say 3-4 word sentences like "Where is Daddy?" and "There is the duck." She learns at least 2-3 words a day. She somehow knows the letter "A" and a few of the numbers... maybe from Sesame Street, I guess I'll start working on letters and numbers with her.
She squeezes me tight when she hugs me and loves to cuddle. I couldn't ask for a better buddy!!


Dan Flake Family said...

So sweet and so smart. We love our video chats with her. Thanks for sharing pictures and updates with us. Love her little pigtails!

kaila sue said...

She is SO cute! I love her blonde piggy tails!

lindsey said...

love those little pig tails! precious:)