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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Care Bears

Alexa is obsessed lately with the movie Care Bears. It's actually one that I remember watching and liking as a kid. She'll sit there, holding her little pink care bear, for the full hour. I'll look over at her and she'll be dancing to the music or smiling and laughing. When the scary part comes on, she'll look at me and ask, "it's OK?"

Speaking of scary, she is scared of the MGM Lion that comes on at the beginning of the show. She ends up calling the portable DVD player a lion, except she says "onion" because she can't say 'L's yet.

Also, she is scared of a cow key chain at our friend's house. It makes a loud moo sound and has a light. They had to hide it from Alexa. We have a small train toy that makes a loud noise and has a light, she cries and is scared of it as well.

Did we do something wrong to make her scared of so many things? Or do we just have a sensitive little girl?

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