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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Part 2: St. George

Alexa's new Christmas dress

Christmas on the 26th

Dad hidden behind wrapping and gifts

Alexa cuddling me

Carlton and Lindsey at the Temple

Danielle and Steve

Dad and Mom

Kristelle, Jenni, Cami, me, and Natasha after dinner at Paula's with our hubbies

Danielle, Alexa, and "Gramp" at Warner Valley

Alexa and "Gram"

Alexa pulling Andrew out of a hole at the Dixie Narrows

Steve is missing, he was golfing with his Dad

Alexa fell asleep during her meal

Steve shooting


The game table was always busy

Happy New Year
We had tons of fun in St. George with our family! We went 4Wheeling, biking, hiking, shooting, laser tagging, bowling, climbing, and ate lots of wonderful food! Thanks for a great time everyone!


Matt and Melissa said...

It looks like you guys had a blast at Christmas. That is crazy that Alexa is in nursery, she is just too little!

Ashley said...

Marinny got that same Mom and Me bear set!! Are moms must think alike...or both work in schools:)