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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some early presents

I captured some pictures from our videos. We let Alexa open some Christmas presents from her grandparents that are too big to take to Utah next weekend.
 This year she is really getting into the unwrapping more.

She got a shopping cart, an Elmo doll, and a small play kitchen from her grandparents. She loves them all so far!


Brittany Crane said...

Grandparents are the best! I've heard shopping carts are great and I've always wanted to get Hallie one. Alexa will have a riot putting stuff in it from around the house. :) How long will you be in Utah? I would love if our times matched up. I won't be there until Christmas day.

Genet said...

Your blog is darling. Alexa is so cute. She was so sweet to share all her new things with Sarah today. Have a wonderful time in Utah for Christmas!