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Saturday, January 22, 2011


On Saturday the sun was actually out! Steve had the idea to get a glider plane to fly at the park. We hurried to the Washington Park Arboretum hill where it was nice and sunny and threw the plane. Alexa had a great time aside from the spill that she had while running down the grass hill. Steve really had a good time. It was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. And the sunshine definitely helped!

 The picture below is when Steve threw the plane and it came straight for us and would have nailed Alexa right in the face. I was taking this picture and I was on the phone, but my motherly instincts kicked in enough to realize I needed to dart in front of the plane to save my child. We all survived, even those on the other end of the phone call who got a loud scream in their ear.


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Marissa said...

Looks like fun! It was such a nice day.