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Sunday, March 27, 2011

21 Months

*Whenever Steve is leaving the house, She yells, "kiss" and runs to him at the door for a goodbye kiss!
*She knows how to identify and say about 8 colors and knows most of the alphabet
*Favorite Phrases: "I wan-it," "I hungy," "I cute," "Where are you care bears?" "Oh Geez," "Are you OK?" "All done bed" (when she wakes up in the morning)
*She's opinionated about her shoes, prefers the sparkle ones
*Likes going to bed. Right around 7 she says "go to bed?" then she finds her blankie and heads to her room
*She feeds herself her oatmeal each morning
*She went to nursery for the first time in our new ward and she did great, maybe she didn't even notice that none of her usual friends were there??

She has really liked putting beads on pipe cleaners, keeps her busy for a while :)

She really likes matching colors!

I blew up some water balloons, which is really hard by the way, and she loved it! With each new color I blew up she would say "It's different."

We love her so much it's crazy!!

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Brittany Crane said...

What a fun age! Her hair is getting so long. I wish her and Hallie could play.