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Friday, March 25, 2011

Portland at 2 am

So last night miss Alexa decided to wake up at 12:30 am and be WIDE AWAKE! I think my biggest mistake was letting her watch Care Bears, I think it woke her up even more. Anyway, I decided to try taking her on a drive to see if she'd fall asleep. This took much longer than anticipated! The map below shows my travels all around Portland last night. She did eventually fall asleep and I got her in her crib by 3:30 am. AHhhh...

Something I did not expect, however, was how much I enjoyed the drive. It is really calming to drive on the road when you are pretty much the only car. I decided to drive by Portland Community College because I'm starting two classes there next week that will complete the requirements for my bachelor degree through BYU, finally!! I hadn't been to the campus yet and thought it would be good to know where I will be driving next week. Anyway, the school is up on a hill and it was a clear night and the view was beautiful of SW Portland. It was nice to be able to see far beyond the trees for a few minutes. I also drove close to downtown and that is always pretty at night.
So, I lost a little sleep last night, but the peaceful drive somehow made up for it!

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Marissa said...

Sounds relaxing, and peaceful! What classes are you taking and when are they? Sounds fun! I would love to go back to school for one or two classes :)