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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

22 Months


Wow! Where did that last month go?

*Alexa is a sweetheart!
*She likes to repeat anything she hears someone say
*She finished her last swim lesson today! She got to go down the big water slide and LOVED it!
*She is getting much more independent and wanting to walk and not be held most of the time, which is good because she is HEAVY
*She only lasts about 5 minutes in a shopping cart, if that... I might have to start grocery shopping at night or on Saturday??
*She can count to 11
*She tells us "I love you" out of the blue at least once a day!
*Alexa plays a lot of hide-and-seek and chasing games with daddy

She's growing too fast! We love her!


Matt and Melissa said...

I cannot believe how old she is!!! And such a cute sweet girl. You got a good one!

Kristin said...

What a little beauty!

Shelly said...

Love her and miss her. Can't wait to see her in May! Well, she's almost made it to two and still blonde. She may stay. Thanks for keeping up your blog!

lindsey said...

I love that last pic! So sweet:)

We would love to come play and do crafts! That sounds fun! I'll give you a call and we can work out a time that works:)

Talk soon~