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Friday, May 27, 2011

23 Months

*She is starting to sing songs like "5 little monkeys" (grandma taught her), "Twinkle, Twinkle", "Old MacDonald", and the ABC's
*She is really a picky eater when it comes to textures
*She likes to fake laugh when other people are laughing
*She is really into watching the DVD I made of her first 18 months of life, "I wanna watch baby show"
*She is getting better at being good in the shopping cart, but getting worse in the high chair in restaurants
*She lives for playing hide and go seek with us as soon as daddy gets home from school every day
*Alexa will have been on 23 one-way flights before her 2nd birthday! (the 24th will be just after her birthday on the way home from Utah)
*She had the best time playing with relatives on our last trip to St. George, I just wish we lived closer to everyone!

Here are some videos from our recent trip:
Alexa running around with the cousins

Alexa splashing in the lake

Alexa falling asleep in the highchair

Alexa and Marinn in the truck


Kristin said...

She talks so well! She's such a cutie! Love the video of her falling asleep and STILL eating! So stinkin' adorable!

Molly M said...

Oh my gosh, the whole "sleep-eating" thing is hilarious! Funny girl! So glad you got that on tape!

Dan Flake Family said...

Great videos and pictures from you trip. That is a lot of trips for our little Miss Alexa. So glad that you get to come see us so often. Great job with the headboard too.