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Friday, May 6, 2011

Steve's hurt ankle day 2 and 3

Steve hurt his ankle playing basketball Tuesday night. He was in a lot of pain but has had it x-rayed and thank goodness it's not broken! Here are some pictures of his foot and also of Alexa wanting in on the photo shoot. Don't look if gross bruises aren't your thing.



On a happier note, on Tuesday, before Steve was injured, it was a beautiful, clear, and sunny day! We met up with some friends at the park and hung out for like 3 hours! I even got some sun.... burn! Felt so good!


Tyler and Megan said...

OH MY! That is awful! I had no idea it was so bad! Poor Steve. No more sports for awhile for him. I feel like we have not seen you guys for awhile. Not cool. We need to play this weekend.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! He definately married into the right family! Just as crazy as all those male Flakes! And Alexa is a DOLL as always!!!