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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Castle

The other day Alexa had cute buns in her hair and when we took them out before bedtime her hair looked crazy/cute!
 I also made her some new curtains for her room to block out the sun better when she sleeps. (You can barely see them in the picture below.)
 For an early birthday present Alexa got a castle/tent. She has loved it. Whenever Steve gets home from school she'll go in her castle and say "daddy, daddy, daddy" over and over until he hangs out with her in the castle.

I made a blanket for my sisters baby coming in October, they are keeping the gender a surprise until delivery. The yellow is a super soft minky fabric.


Cami and Mitch said...

I LOVE that blanket...super cute material. I didn't know Lindsay's pregnant. How exciting!

kaila sue said...

This looks like a little girl's dream! Or maybe it's Steve's dream?

Dan Flake Family said...

The princess castle is super cute! i can tell that she loves it. The curtains and blanket are really cute. Way to be so domestic!
We sure enjoyed your recent visit and miss you so much!

Aaron and Lindsey said...

I LOVE that blanket! Where did you get the chevron material?