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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Utah Trip - Lake Powell

Lake Powell was so much more amazing than I remembered. I hadn't been there for a few years. The tall canyons are breathtaking! The water was perfect! The sun was shining! I loved the cliff jumping and boating through the skinny canyons! Alexa was really good and kept falling asleep in the boat. She loved the water! I wish we could have stayed longer! Thanks mom and dad!


Ty and Meg said...

Oh my. I want to go here SO bad!! Can we please do this with you some day? Did you guys camp or stay in a house boat or hotel? I miss Lake Powell! So much fun.

Matt and Melissa said...

wow this looks awesome! I miss Lake Powell so bad!!

kaila sue said...

Maybe when our husbands are rich (after they pay back all the school debt) we could share a boat! What do ya think?

Dan Flake Family said...

Thanks for coming and for the great visit. It was a blast. Perfect. Miss you!