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Thursday, August 4, 2011

July 2011 Wrap-up

*Alexa is really singing along to a lot of songs
*She really likes princess music
*Tried potty training, didn't work
*She only likes to sit at the big table now, so we put the high chair away
*She's loving "daddy's kind" (Cinnamon Life) in the morning
*I think she has had some nightmares about noisy crabs...nothing too serious, she just has woke up a couple of mornings saying, "Crabs too noisy" and "Are the crabs all gone?"
*She likes to pretend to play birthday with play dough. If she ever sees cake or candles she starts to sing "happy dirtday"

*All of the apartments are full so I haven't had much work to do
*Finished Alexa's 2nd year Blurb book, it was a really big one
*There was a fire on our neighbors balcony, luckily the firefighters got it out fast and there was no damage
*I'm really enjoying teaching the 4-year-olds in primary

*Made chocolate chip cookies all by himself
*Studying to take a two-day boards exam on August 17-18
*Playing on a softball team
*Gets attacked by Alexa when he gets home from school
*He went golfing a couple of times, he wishes he could go more

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kaila sue said...

I love the "noisy crabs" comment, so funny and sad.