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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alexa's First Dance Lesson

Our cute friend Rosie teaches dance lessons and I was excited to have Alexa give it a try. She loved dancing and running around with the other girls. I couldn't believe how grown up she looked in her ballet dress and slippers.


Marissa said...

So cute! I wish Nellie was old enough. Alexa does look so grown up, man! Where has the time gone??

kaila sue said...

She is SO adorable in that outfit. It's every little girl's dream!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Fun updates - your pictures are looking really awesome with your new camera. I liked the ones you took of your nieces and nephews. Alexa looks really sweet in that dance outfit. I've got to find Clarie a new dance class up here in Idaho.

I read your post below about Alexa being picky. I just thought I'd tell you - I HIGHLY doubt it's your fault. I treated both my older kids the same, I fed them the same and never catered to them, but Claire is an EXCELLENT eater and Linus is HORRIBLE. It's just personality.

Some things I've tried... don't always cater to her. Fix things she will eat for breakfast and lunch, but when dinner comes, try not to make her something special. Keep offering her what you and Steve eat and eventually she'll start to eat it. I always make sure there is a bread course (or something I know Linus will eat for dinner) but other than that I don't make him anything special.

Also - when she's older, you can start bargaining. Linus can't get down from the table until he TRIES what is one his plate. He doesn't have to eat it all, but he must try it. And if he wants a treat of any kind after dinner (even a tiny cookie) he must eat a reasonable portion of his food. He's 3 though, so you'll have to wait until she's old enough to reason with.

Hope that helps and the advice isn't annoying. :) Take it, or leave it.

lindsey said...

Alexa is so dang cute! It looks like she has a fun group of fairies to dance with!

Gina and Jon said...

Okay seriously this is too cute, I can't believe what a little girl she is!