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Thursday, September 1, 2011

August in Review

*Alexa has needed a band-aid a few times. Now she talks about "bambaids" all the time and she says, "I wanna bambaid, I bleeding." Even though she's not ;) 
*Alexa had two months of having a really hard time going to sleep without crying for 20 minutes. She is now back to her normal self after I made her a cute little pillow with baby animals on it. I'm thinking she was a little scared of the dark and the pillow brings more comfort...???
*She sleeps 8:15pm to sometime after 8:00am with a two-hour nap around noon.
*Alexa does good clean-up, she doesn't mind picking up her toys and she likes to sing the clean-up song.
*She is a VERY picky eater, which I am sure is my fault, I just need to figure out how to fix it. Suggestions?
*She talks about her friends and cousins all the time.
*If anything even remotely resembles a slide, she wants to slide down it. A lot of times it's just our legs she wants to slide down if we're sitting on the couch or something.
*She sings the whole Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song to herself when she goes to bed.

*Steve and I celebrated our 4th anniversary!
*Steve took and passed the boards!
*He is loving doing nothing during his school break.
*We've been sleeping in until 8am during his break!
*We got cable for football season, we ended up getting free HD and a free DVR, sweet.

*I got my diploma in the mail from BYU!
*I am making a quilt out of Steve's old t-shirts, he's actually pretty excited about it.
*I got a new DSLR camera. I'm loving it!!
*We watched our little friend Bella for three days while she got a new baby sister.

We went to the Zoo with Addy and Tara:

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Marissa said...

hey! I have a pile of shirts I have been saving of Stevenson's to do a quilt. You will have to show me what you did!