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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


*We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! We had our good friends the Scotts over. Unfortunately we didn't ever get the camera out. We are grateful for such awesome friends!
*Steve is a turkey bowl champion this year! He had a great time with his team.
*Alexa is using the word "Nos" all the time. It is a cross between no and yes. She starts answering every question with "No," and when she realizes that she actually wants to say "Yes," she just blends it in there. "Noooo...essss."
*Alexa is super independent lately, wanting to do every step of every thing by herself.
*I saved us $450 by fixing our car heater by myself

*Alexa has been getting ready for her dance recital.

*Alexa is eating a lot better. She is trying a wider variety of foods.
*Alexa randomly takes her clothes off and runs around undressed.
*I made a wreath the other day with some friends.

*Alexa loves hide and go seek.
*It is so fun to have full conversations with Alexa. She talks so well and has such a cute little voice. Whenever we run errands she strikes up conversations with cashiers and strangers. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to start worrying about that :)
*Steve's been loving the Xbox Kinect that we got for (early) Christmas.

*Luckily Alexa hasn't had any potty accidents in public places. Otherwise, potty training is still going slowly.
*Alexa turns the dishwasher off all of the time when it is in the middle of a cycle.
*We put out Christmas decor up the day after Thanksgiving. Alexa hasn't destroyed all of the ornaments yet. :)

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v a n e s s a said...

whoa, i am super impressed you fixed your car heater by yourself. seriously.