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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Wrap-Up

*Alexa has been going potty in the toilet the last few days! It just sort of happened... we weren't even really trying, I guess something just clicked. She has only had one accident! She even stays dry during her naps. She wears a diaper at night though.
*Alexa is really into carrying around the step-stool and getting into things and turning the lights on and off
*She likes "washing the dishes" in the kitchen sink
*Whenever she gets a little bump or owie, or if nothing happens at all, she asks for a band-aid. Since it happens a lot, I give her a little piece of tape and she sticks it on where it "hurts." One minute later she comes back to me and excitedly says, "I'm all better!" and hands me back the tape.
*Every night we have to tuck Alexa in her blankets when she gets into bed. It's sweet.
*Alexa was wanting to "watch Alessa on the compuger" all of the time so I made her another DVD of the most recent home videos we have of her. She loves watching it.
*Lately when I ask her, "Who made this mess?" or "Who drew on the table?" she answers, "That boy did it."
*When I ask her a question, before she answers she says "Ummm..." It's pretty cute.
*I love listening to her sing princess songs.
*I re-organized all of our storage closets again.
*I made a blanket out of some of Steve's old t-shirts. And I made a skirt out of an unused dress shirt of Steve's.
*I did a photo shoot for some friends, it was fun!
*Steve enjoyed decorating for Halloween and carving the pumpkin.
*Steve's doing well in Dental School doing a lot of different procedures.
*Sometimes when Steve gets home, Alexa only wants to play with him, and she tells me to leave.


Ashley said...

I love it! "that boy did it" cracks me up! Sure missed you guys last night. Hopefully I be able to post more pics soon so you can see the cousins!

v a n e s s a said...

cute family picture!

Tannie Datwyler said...

That's a CUTE update. Kids are so funny sometimes. :)

lindsey said...

So cute! I love Alexas costumes, the care bear is adorable!

Love the family pic as well...more to come?

Cami and Mitch said...

so cute! Good for her using the toilet. Hopefully Cooper will be doing the same soon.

kaila sue said...

Smart girl! Love those Belle pictures!

Gina and Jon said...

Seriously can we have Alexa just come over and have her teach Cookie how to talk?? She is so big time! I like your new family pic!