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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Potty Training Update

Alexa's Potty Training
  • Tried for 1 and 1/2 days in July. She didn't know how to let the pee out on command, or didn't want to.
  • July through October I would just ask her a few times a week if she wanted to go potty in the toilet and she would occasionally sit on the toilet and do a toot and nothing else.
  • On Sunday, October 30, I took her out during Sacrament meeting at church because she was being loud. We were walking around and then she crouched down in the hallway like she was going to pee in her diaper. I asked her if she wanted to go potty in the toilet. She said yes and she actually went pee in the toilet. She did it again a couple of times that day.
  • Monday, October 31, I decided to start out the day with Alexa in her panties!
  • Monday through Wednesday. She had one accident per day and pooped in her panties two of the days. She stayed dry during her naps every day.
  • Thursday, no accidents at all! We even had a couple of outings. Also, she went poop in the toilet! To get her to poo, she wanted the lights off and for me to leave the bathroom. She also had to do it in the small portable potty.
  • Friday morning, when she woke up her diaper was dry!
Nov. 12: Now it's been another week. She's only had maybe one pee accident. We're still working on her going poop in the toilet. Hopefully that will come soon!!

Nov. 23: She still has accidents a couple of times a week but she has been telling us more often when she needs to go instead of me making her go. We are still working on her going #2 in the toilet!

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