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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Break Week Two: Orem

There was no snow in Orem, this was a first for us during Christmas break. Alexa had the greatest time ever with her cousins! 

Reverse Charades

 Dress up at Nana's

 Marshmallow gun
Sleeping uncles 

 Cousin Train
A special visitor

 Marinn's Pinkalicious Birthday Party. We were so happy we got to celebrate with her!

 Marinn and Alexa
 Getting nails done by Nana

 Marinn letting her nails dry

 BYU basketball game with my family
 Alexa was looking for Cosmo the whole time, finally he came up our isle and Alexa got to give him a high five. She was only slightly nervous :)

Thanks mom and Ashley for some of these pictures. Not pictured: four square playing, marshmallow gun war, lots game playing, wonderful dinners every night, Steve golfing again with his brothers, and going to lunch with our friends the Stewarts. Thanks everyone for a great time!


v a n e s s a said...

oh my gosh, that santa claus costume is killing me. cute pictures.

Ashley said...

These posts are totally great! Thanks for such a great time! I am glad all the cousins love to hang out as much as we do!
I am so glad you are such a good blogger!! Miss you!