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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Big #29 for Steve!

On the day before Steve's birthday I threw him a surprise party! He hadn't thought of any presents that he wanted for his birthday, but I knew that what he really likes are surprises and hanging out with friends!

The Surprise: Steve thought that we were going to Benihana's for dinner so we got all ready and went out the door. But before we left, I told him that I had a big present for him hidden in the vacant apartment below ours. Little did he know that I had our friends hiding in the vacant apartment to surprise him! I had the room decorated with streamers and balloons. I think that Steve was genuinely surprised!

We ate a bunch of food upstairs in our apartment where the ladies hung out with the kids. We sent the guys downstairs after dinner for a little risk and poker playing.... until midnight! Yikes! Luckily the kids all went to sleep and the girls had projects, chatting, and snacks. We love our wonderful friends! Thanks for celebrating with us!


Dan Flake Family said...

Looks like Steve had a great birthday! Good job on the surprise. Hope you had fun going out to Benihana's tonight. 29 looks good on you Steve!

kaila sue said...

What a sneaky party planner! What a fun night it sounds like!