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Friday, March 2, 2012

February 2012

*Steve has a job offer in Prescott, AZ! The dental office is flying us there to check it out and paying for our hotel stay! 
*Alexa says, "No thanks, but thank you though!"
*Alexa loves to sneak up on you.
*Alexa can basically get anything she wants from us, all she has to say is, "Three kisses?"
*Steve and Alexa were able to come to my last doctor appointment to see the ultrasound. Alexa likes to talk about the baby in my tummy but she keeps wanting to play with the baby... She's still got a while to wait!

Here is Alexa sporting her Valentines Day shirt from Grandma:

Alexa loved listening to music on the iPod.

Alexa fell asleep on the couch after lunch. I was playing somewhat loud music on the computer so I could hear it in Alexa's room where I was organizing stuff. I guess the music put her to sleep.

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Dan Flake Family said...

I want three kisses! Miss you guys!