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Friday, June 1, 2012

May 2012

*The other day Alexa was playing with magnets on the fridge and I asked her to come eat her food. She randomly said, "I'll be there in a minute, I'm just checking my email."
*Alexa put on some shoes the other day and said, "These shoes are comfy and stylish!" I'm not sure where she gets half of the things she says. She knows a lot of big words and talks a ton. People are always telling us that she speaks really well for her age. I love having conversations with her!
*Alexa loves riding bikes and going to the park with friends.
*Steve been golfing a bit more now that the sun is out and that he doesn't have to be at school so often.
*Steve is done with the WREB! And he passed! We could be more happy that he's basically all done with dental school!
*Alexa had a rough month in April when she transitioned to a big girl bed. She was sleeping a little less which translated to way more tantrums than usual. We ended up buying her a better mattress, in case that was the problem. Either the new mattress really did the trick or just finally getting used to a big bed, but she is sleeping longer and is now back to much fewer tantrums and a lot more happiness.
*Here is a picture of the new house we will be renting. We had to pick a house without actually seeing it... luckily there were a good number to choose from in the neighborhood that we wanted. The house is at the end of a cul-de-sac, 2500 sqft, 3 beds plus a den, has a large fenced back yard, and the neighborhood has a great community center 3 blocks away with a kiddie pool, normal pool, spa, gym, etc. I am grateful for the jobs I've had managing apartments in Portland and saving a lot of money on rent, but I am SO ready for a single family home! We plan to save up to buy a home in a year to two when we figure out if we want to stay in AZ or head to St. George.

26 Weeks:

I feel like I'm a lot bigger this time:

Posing with her favorite friends:

We "built" a doll house together with Alexa:

Playdate with Madison:

Jumping around at the mall:

Practicing letters on her gift from Grandma:

Ward play date, snack time:

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Ashley said...

I'm still laughing at lexa's funny sayings. I love your new house and all of amenities. You look beautiful pregnant...don't even talk to me about big! Looking forward to seeing you guys next month!