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Friday, June 15, 2012

Four Years

We came to Portland four years ago for Steve to get his dental education. Gratefully, we also gained many friendships and memories that we'll never forget!!

Steve's first day of dental school.

 Steve's last day of dental school!

Steve's Dental School Journey:

Many hours of studying

Many hours of lab work

Lots of flag football 

He also played intramural basketball at the school almost every term, but I can't believe I never got a picture... While playing basketball, he almost broke both his nose and his ankle on separate occasions.

Becoming a father!

Many nights of league softball

White Coat Ceremony

Dental School softball tournaments

Dental School Prom

More flag football

Lot's of scrub wearing!

Last Turkey Bowl

Oh and did I mention lots of golf with friends and school golf tournaments, no pictures of course...

and finally..............



We are so grateful for the education Steve has gained and definitely the friendships and memories!

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Cami and Mitch said...

So excited for you! I have been checking your blog for updates on your new life. So fun.