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Monday, July 2, 2012

June 2012

June was a crazy month with lots of things going on. I can't believe we're half way done with 2012!

*We had a garage sale with some of our friends before the big move. It was pretty successful!

*My friends threw me and my friend Katie an awesome baby shower. I'm getting very excited for the little guy to join our family!
*Steve was done with school early so he got to help out a lot with packing. It was nice having him around. He also got to do some golfing, tennis, football, and basketball with his buddies before they all parted ways.
*I turned over my apartment managing job to friends in our ward who still have two more years of dental school. It will be interesting too see how life goes without my job. We were very blessed to have that job during dental school!

*Farewell BBQ with dental friends.

*My girlfriends and I finished up (well almost finished) the quilt for the final member of our quilting club. I will really miss chatting with them around the quilt frame! We made a lot of awesome quilts together!

*Alexa got to go to a few of her friends birthday parties.

*We went to Steve's graduation party at the Edgefield McMenamins. They had a great memory video, dancing, and a good dinner for us.

*Alexa found the baby jumper again while we were packing and insisted on jumping.

*This is where she fell asleep for her nap one day. 

*Family came to visit for Steve's graduation. We enjoyed some swimming and sight seeing!

*The day after Steve's graduation we packed up and headed out. My dad brought his big trailer for us to use which was a huge help! Our families were such a great help for the move. I have no idea what we would have done without them. They made it so much easier for me since I couldn't do much, being prego and all.

 *We made it to Utah and stayed for a couple of nights in Orem to see cousins and family. Alexa LOVES her cousins. We will now be living a little bit closer to them, but still not close enough! 

*We then stayed one night in St. George. On Wednesday morning my dad, brothers, Steve, me, and Alexa headed to Prescott Valley in THREE vehicles. Unfortunately we arrived in Prescott Valley with only TWO vehicles. Our trusty Galant broke down in Boulder City, Nevada! Huge bummer. We left it in a grocery store parking lot... The guys were super fast at moving all of our stuff into our new house a long with the help of about 5 guys from our new ward. My dad and brothers were a huge help putting together a bunch of things and setting up our washer and dryer and such. They were even able to pick up the Galant on their way home in the newly empty trailer. They will see if they can fix it. They were so much help!

 *We've gone to our neighborhood pool several times. Alexa loves the kiddie pool.

*My mom came to visit a few days later to help get our house in order and to celebrate Alexa's birthday with us. My mom was a ton of help! I've felt quite useless being seven months pregnant trying to set up our house.
*Steve has started work at the dental office. He really enjoys it. He has to wait until August when his license will come to actually practice dentistry, but the office was great to let him pick up some assisting and observing hours before then. 
*We've also met some awesome people in our ward and have had a few get-togethers. The ward is really on top of it and already has us speaking in church next Sunday!
*We're enjoying Prescott Valley a lot so far. It is definitely sunny and warm here! And the gas is like $.70 cheaper! I've had a doctors appointment already with my new OBGYN and have Alexa set up to see her new pediatrician soon.

*We're all unpacked in our new place. We're lacking in some furniture, but getting there...

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Dan Flake Family said...

What a busy month. So glad we were able to go to Portland for Steve's graduation and to help you move. Also glad that I could go down to Prescott and celebrate Alexa's 3rd birthday with you.